My first post from China!

I have been in China for almost for days; I apologise for not posting sooner, however, the days move so fast and the internet moves so slow!

第一个日:By the first full day I had already met my five Chinese roommates and confronted the whole bathroom/shower situation (I’ll go into more detail in the comments of anyone really wants). 我的一个roomate的名字叫 morning. I guess he was born in the morning so he just uses that as his English name x). Day one he treated me to beef noodles for breakfast and showed me all around his campus.

第二个日:By the second full day I was already feeling much more comfortable. I have been really surprised that I have not been very homesick, my body is handling the crazy good we’ll, and I’m not have personal space (me time) problems all like I anticipated. That night all the American and Irish students along side a few teachers went out for hot pot! This is a style of meal when there is spiced boiling oil I’m the center of the table and everyone dips all sorts of raw food into it,  非诚好吃!

I have to go to class now, my schedule and the sluggish internet makes it hard to find time to write very much at a time. I will go into depth about today and my overall feelings about the trip thus far as soon as possible!



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